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Got a feeling you have termite damage in your home? Step 1, don’t panic and try to get rid of it yourself!

Here at Termite Byte Brisbane, we specialise in termite treatments, inspections, pest control, termite barriers & baiting. Servicing every suburb in Brisbane, we can not only clear any pests you have, but we also offer top quality termite protection solutions to make sure your home is safe for the future.

Pests like termites or white ants can inflict massive damage to a property, but if found early enough, you can greatly reduce the destructive potential! We offer cost-effective termite services to protect your home from white ants and other pests, let our experienced staff help you out today!

At Termite Byte, we pride ourselves on professionalism and experience. While it may be tempting to stop the onset of termites in their tracks yourself, this can cause further problems. We can ensure that the termites are dealt with quickly and efficiently, preventing them from causing further damage.

We will also thoroughly inspect all aspects of your property, inside and out. With a raft of experience and a team of professionals, we can make sure that you don’t have to worry about termites invading your home again. We always strive to put the customer first!

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Pest Control

We offer excellent advice and services to control pests. One piece of advice is to never disturb a colony on sight. It is important to call a professional as soon as possible to exterminate the problem before it grows out of control.


Termite Barriers

Since termites can eat away at the exterior and interior of your home. It’s important to act sooner rather than later, chemical barriers will help eradicate the problem and are a very effective way to treat a termite infestation.



A safe inspection will help assess the situation and prevent damage to the home, if a colony is discovered, it can be swiftly taken out with the help of our treatment solutions. Inspections may be scheduled annually or bi-annually. We also do comprehensive building and pest inspections.

Termite treatments that work

Termite treatments either as a preventative step or at the start of an attack are available in a number of categories. The procedure you decide on is based mostly on the kind of treatment solution you’d like to apply on your real estate.

Chemical, non-chemical or barrier treatments are the primary 3 termite treatment methods that real estate owners generally select as their preferred methods for the removal of this kind of pest. Contacting the reputable team of experts at Termite Byte will assure that your needs are fulfilled.

Our staff at Termite Byte has got the necessary credentials, practical knowledge as well as termite treatments to eliminate your termite issues. We’re able to advise on existing termite invasions on your real estate, in which case a reactive solution will make sure the termites cannot demolish any more of your residence or a termite protective treatment designed to put a stop to them before they can do any damage, either way our team is here to work with you.

Termite Barriers

If you live in an area in Brisbane where termites can endanger your residence, you need a highly effective solution. One of those options is positioning sheeting made from steel or plastic in the ground surrounding your home.

After that, a toxic chemical substance is used that is going to repel the termites so they stay away from the barrier. This is called a termite protection barrier and is very effective in protecting your house from harmful termites.

Bait stations

Bait stations put into the soil around your home is an alternative option to the barrier method utilized to get rid of termites. By doing this it will mean that the soil adjoining your home doesn’t need to be disturbed. When bait stations are placed, foraging worker termites locate the stations and very quickly recognize them as a good source of food.

They ingest the bait and return to the nest, where they then contaminate the other members of the nest, effectively killing every termite. Termite bait can be utilized independently or combined with barrier treatments.

As soon as subterranean termites are upset by something unusual including moving the ground in the vicinity of their nest, removing them will be made all the more difficult, so it is imperative that you locate the termite nest prior to installing the bait stations and not to disrupt the nest at all during the process.

If you do the termites will totally ignore the bait and find other places for sources of food, perhaps somewhere on your property or perhaps inside your building.

If your termite nest is disrupted, extensive treatment can be challenging. The trick is to make sure you are getting your property looked over by a specialized enterprise, such as our team at Termite Byte. Using this method, you can be assured that the entire process of eradicating termites goes without a hitch.

Chemical termite solutions

Another very effective method of ridding yourself of a nest of subterranean termites is to use chemicals. To obtain a quick and effective removal of a termite infiltration, a professional might apply chemical products surrounding the boundary of your grounds, where they penetrate the earth where the termite colony lives.

The toxic chemicals are distribute throughout the whole colony as soon as just one termite eats the substance and infects the remainder. Termite Byte only uses toxic chemical products that are human being and pet friendly, which means you and your family members won’t be in jeopardy – only termites are affected.