Do you suspect you might have white ants or termites inside your home? These pests not only eat away at the structural integrity of your building, but also chew holes through your wallet. Termite Byte Brisbane specialises in termite inspections, treatment, control, barriers and baiting. We service all suburbs in the Brisbane area as well as the surrounding cities (Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan, and Redland City). Call us today to make your home pest-free!

What are white ants and how can you get them out of your Brisbane home?

White ants are a timber pest that can cause damage in as little as 3 months from the date of construction. White ants—or subterranean termites—eat away at structural frames and can destroy large sections of wall inside of your home or office. Termites are sometimes referred to as white ants because they have a similar look to the normal black ants you see. White ants are one of the few termite species found in Brisbane, and that is why Termite Byte is here to help.

White ants live in colonies and a colony consists of members with different roles. Colonies usually start when swarmer white ants with wings are blown along by the wind until they land, lose their wings, and find a mate. These mates become the queen and king of a white ant colony. The “royalty” of the white ants then spawn 1000’s and 1000’s of workers and soldiers. Worker termites are the largest role in a colony and are the primary source of damage to your house. Soldier white ants guard the colony while the workers carry out the destruction of your walls and frames. There is no “easy” explanation of what white ants are and how they work, which is why residents in the Brisbane area are urged to contact us at Termite Byte Brisbane and let true professionals care for your home.

White ants in Brisbane are unfortunately an extremely common problem—with some studies showing that as many as 30% of homes in Australia are affected by white ants at least once. A study from CSIRO and APCA data find that Brisbane is of the highest risk places in Australia for infestations of subterranean termites—or white ants. Termite Byte wants to help you with termite treatment and help you control infestations after we leave. Most home insurance policies in Australia will NOT cover the damages that occur when your home has a white ant infestation. That is why we here at Termite Byte want to give you cost-effective, affordable white ant treatment that you can count on to keep your house how it was meant to be—pest free!

If you are looking for white ant treatment in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, we are here to help. Treating your white ant infestation without the professional help of a termite treatment company is definitely not recommended. Treating your white ant problem on your own is extremely difficult because once you disturb the colony, those termites will simply move to another area of your house and continue destroying your walls and frames.

As we said before, Brisbane is one of the areas in Australia with a big risk of white ant infestations. They can and will destroy your house if left untreated. There are steps to take before and after you discover an infestation, and Termite Byte can help with all of it. Call Us today for top-quality termite inspection, protection, and extermination.