When it comes to protecting your home from termites, having only one protection approach is not the best approach. Termite is one of the costly and time consuming problems that are undergone by a home homeowner. Home owners have options to lower the cost including the termite barriers in Brisbane. Inspection of the termite is the best option for a homeowner who is willing to take a proactive approach to treatment of the termite. This measure should be done on regular basis and it can help to reduce termite treatment cost and prevent extensive damage to your home. click here for more info!

What to look for and where to look for it

The first step in termite inspection is to find the signs of the termite around your property. Termite tubes are the most common signs of termite infestation. Termite tubes are small trails running up the exterior and interior of the home. Therefore, it is important to do a thorough checkup of your home both outdoors and indoors when inspecting termites.

The following details will help you to identify where you should look, to make sure the most detailed inspection is achieved.


Your inspection should include every room in your house, ensuring that you inspect behind curtains, under the bed, behind appliances and inside the cabinets. Check for the imperfections on the wood and drywall of each room. The simplest way on how to identify the imperfections is by shining a flashlight along the length of the wall.


This should be the final place to look. Check the attic for termite tubes, mud or decayed wood. If you come across any area infested, be sure to check the density of the affected wood.


The signs of termites typically show outside the home. The home perimeter should be inspected well. Be sure to inspect the foundation for signs of termite tubes .It important to get rid of all dead from the perimeter of home, as this can be favorable environment for termite to breed. If home has wood or plastic, check the base of the sidings to look for any sign of termite.

Crawl spaces

Here, you are looking for the termite tubes running from the ground up the side of foundation. In case you find signs of termites, use a tool to test the density of the affected wood close to the termite tube. Dig a trench along the foundation to see if you will find termites. This will determine the severity of the infestation.

What’s involved in inspection of termite?

One may have to hire a qualified termite specialist to conduct the inspection. Some homeowners may require a termite inspection report to be used when selling the property. This can only be done by a licensed company with experts in termite inspection and control. Homeowners can use termite barriers in Brisbane method to prevent the spread of the termites, this is cost effective since it involves placing of a chemical around the homestead that prevents them from entering your home.