Termites can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your home. Termites can cause damage to the interior and exterior of your property. They efficiently ‘eat’ their way through wood, metal, and plaster and can access your property in this manner. Should termites get into the inside of your home, they can transverse their way through furniture, fabric, carpets and curtains. Yes, termites can have a nasty impact on your home.

At Termite Byte, we can install effective termite barriers that ensure that these nasty critters are kept at bay.

Typically, there are two types of barriers. These are the most efficient in keeping termites away from your property.

Type 1: Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are a very effective way of ensuring that termites do not enter your property. A chemical solution is applied to the perimeter of your home. The chemical is applied to the soil and stops the termites in their tracks. This ensures that they do not come into your home uninvited. What is more, the chemical is known as a ‘slow acting’ formula. This means that once one termite ingests the chemical; it will spread the chemical to the rest of the colony. This ensures a fast and efficient means of destroying the termite colony in their tracks.

Many people are concerned about the use of chemicals within their home. But, you can be rest assured that at Termite Byte, we use chemicals that are only dangerous to termites. Your family and pets will not be harmed by this treatment.

Chemical termite barriers are an effective means of killing termite, and perfect for preventing a further invasion.

Type 2: Physical Barriers

For new properties, you can add a physical barrier to stop the onset of termites within your home. A barrier is erected in the foundations of the property. The soil around the barrier is treated with a chemical solution. So, not only do you have a means of blocking the critters from your home, but you also have an effective means of repelling and preventing them from going near the barrier. The barrier is made from stainless steel or plastic. This all depends on the solution that you want. This ensures that the foundation of your home is protected in a robust way. While the barrier does not kill termites, it can prevent access.