How do termite bait stations work

Termite bait stations are an effective way to both monitor and eliminate termite infestations. They are often used to supplement any chemical treatments that may

What wood is termite resistant

The most effective defense against termites is to remember two key points: choose wood that has been treated for termite resistance and build a barrier

How to find a termite nest

Termites can cause serious damage to your home if they are not caught and dealt with in time. Knowing what signs to look out for

What does a termite eat?

Termites are primarily detrivores and feed on dead plant material like leaves, branches, roots, and bark. They will also feast on cellulose-containing materials such as


What does a termite look like?

Quick Summary They come in shades of brown, white and black, based on the type of termite and their age. Termites are often confused with