The ABC’s of web hosting and servers

When you have a blog or a website that you want to be made available to an audience you have to host it. A web server is a computer that stores and hosts your HTML, documents, images, videos, etc.  Even if you are a small business enterprise with just 5 or more employees you need a web server. Web hosting companies have industrial strength servers on which space can be rented out so your website/blog can be viewed by the general public. Web hosting companies usually provide domain names, cloud servers, email hosting and reselling among others. They can be used for both personal as well as business purposes. Finding the best web hosts around is not something you need to put a lot of time in, as lot of companies & bloggers have already done the research, creating multiple lists of their favourite web hosting companies in Australia.

One of these newer Australian web hosting comparison sites is Hosting Foundry, they’re rising pretty fast with weekly fresh content on website hosting, and taking out multiple countries with top 10 best web hosting reviews.

Website speed matters!

A site that is slow will lose a lot of visitors. Slow access is frustrating both for visitors when accessing your site and for you when uploading content.  In today’s fast paced world, information is everything and the speed at which you get that information even more so.

There are an abundant number of web hosting options available today and while in the market for a reliable web hosting company speed is a key element you should be on the look-out for.

A faster server is a better server

You don’t like slow websites nor do your website visitors. If your page is slow your customers will just find another site to buy from or find information of. Most servers are capable of handling a huge number of requests per second. Ideally a page should load in a second as research does show that a longer delay causes an interruption in the flow of thought of the user, thereby creating a poor experience. What you want to do is keep the user engaged with your page so you can deliver the most optimum experience possible. For this server response time i.e. the time it takes the server to return the initial HTML should be minimal. Hence a faster server almost always results in a better site experience.

An overview

Studies done show that shared web hosting performs at a faster speed when compared to Virtual Private Server hosting. So when looking for a good web hosting company, look for someone who has a good product, robust features, good support but most importantly fast servers. Try and get reviews and feedback before you decide on a website host or try it out for yourself over a period of time both during peak and off-peak hours because most hosts offer money back guarantee. Search for uptime records and expert comments before you subscribe for a long-term plan.