Our homes can be one of our treasured valuables as we all seek rest after all the days work, but when we share it with over a million inhabitants, our homes could be converted to a refugee camp.White ants as they are commonly called can become an inhabitant of our homes and surroundings without right measures like termite barriers as well as inspections.Due to their wood eating traits, termites can serve as destroyers to our buildings and structures if not properly inspected, owing to their habit of remaining hidden until severe damage has been done can become a threat to your wooden household materials. Their social nature can even multiply them up to half the population of Brisbane in less than 2 weeks. Termite inspection should therefore be an important activity either through employing experts or you going through the exercise thoroughly yourself, check out our inspection page. Going through this process would require some simple tips to understand the signs of termite infestation in your home.

You would notice:· Tiny holes on the wooden materials they have become attached to.· The woods already damaged by the termite would produce resonating sounds with a very dull thud.It is also good to note that finding them in your structure does not necessitate an emergency because their damage rate can be very slow.

Termite Inspection Details

Basic necessary tools for termite inspections include a flashlight, pocket knife and also coveralls. An effective termite inspection would include locating their exposed shelter locations and damaged wooden materials.The pocket knife or a screwdriver would be needed to screw through the wooden material, especially woods near the soil. More importantly the help of a professional pest controller would be needed if the inspection is not carried out effectively.Also ensure the complete inspection of sills, sub floors, basement window frames, supporting piers, wood under porches and basically every material with traces of wood.If you still procrastinate the termite inspection exercise because they damage your materials very slowly, look out for the shed wings of swarmers because this shows the termites have entered their next phase of development, also the absence of finding live termites in your structures or surroundings doesn’t depict the fact that they are not in the area.


Termites are also very creative in their constructive ability, especially the subterranean termites, you might tend to notice their working tubes, migratory tubes, exploratory tubes and their drops tubes well constructed to suit their wood damaging needs.So the next time you intend procrastination a termite inspection exercise, you should consider that in a short while they might start a “federation” in your home larger than the population of even cities like Brisbane.