Termites can get into your home through possibly any channel or crack they can find. This makes it very hard control their passages into your house because they always seem to change course.Subterranean termites are the most common when it comes to invasions. They establish themselves under a structure then emerge to feast on wood and other building material. You can however hold on to hope because there are ways to prevent this menace from getting into and ruining our homes. Termite barriers are a great way to prevent termites from crawling through their channels into a building. Check out our termite barriers page for more information.

There are two types of termite barriers.Chemical termite barriers.When a building is still in its initial foundation stages, the builders can choose to apply a chemical barrier consisting of a termite repellent substance around the perimeter of the building, cutting off chances of termites ever crawling onto the building. Termite barriers in Brisbane have been made like this, although some people choose to apply the chemical barrier much later. This chemical is applied or sprayed at the soil around the building once the threat of termites has been detected.
Physical termite barriers.They can only be done before the construction begins. It is the creation of barriers which force the subterranean termites out into the open for easy detection. This phenomenon, which has also been taken up by builders when making termite barriers in Brisbane is very effective in keeping ants out of structures such as office buildings and homes.

Barrier Alternatives

There are activities that you can engage in to ensure that termites are kept away. Clear any stumps and dead wood around the house. They are great nesting places for termites.>Cut down climbing plants that are attached to your house. Termites will use them to gain access into your home. Once you detect termites, purchase termite poison and try to wipe them away before they become a serious problem. Any humidity around wooden areas of the house should be dealt with immediately. This means that you need to repair leaking taps and unblock vents. Moist wood attracts termites.


These are just some few DIY tips on how you can prevent termites. Always ensure that you talk to your construction people about establishing an effective termite barrier to prevent your house from falling apart while you are still living in it! Termites have caused a lot of damage, therefore prevention or early methods of dealing with them are always better than repairing the side effects of their damage. Have a termite free home!