As time pass by, there are changes happening in our house. Ceilings gets mold, stairs gets chewed by our dogs, and cabinet and doors are invaded by termites; hence giving us the need to know how to maintain our house. The rest of this article would be about terminating those termites that are destroying most of furniture, especially those precious wood furniture.

If you are in Brisbane and you are looking for termite treatment in Brisbane, then continue reading and just might just find the proper termite treatment you just need.

Termite Treatment

In dealing with these “home wreckers”, you have two options. You can treat those termites yourself or you can ask professionals in getting rid of them. Your choice would be dependent on your ability and the amount of termite infected furniture you need to treat. In addition, weigh the factors in whether you would do the job yourself or not.

Treating Termites Yourself

In treating the termites on your own, make sure that you know how to do it. Do some research, know the proper procedure, and evaluate yourself. After doing so, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have a wide knowledge of building construction?
  2. Can I safely handle the equipments needed on doing this job?


If your answer to these questions are both no, then do not do the treatment yourself. Doing this is not as easy as you think. It is not simply putting some sort of chemical to the infected area, there is a lot more in this job than you think. So, you now go to the next option: finding a company that can give you professionals who can deal with your termite problem.

Asking Professionals in Treating Your Home

In looking for someone to do the job for you, always do your research. Now that almost everything can be seen in the internet, use them. Make sure that the company has a good reputation in doing this job. Furthermore, know about the price of their service and look if it will fit your budget. Once you have decided on what company you are going to trust your house to, you can choose what type of termite treatment in brisbane your house needs. The choices of treatments are divided into two categories: bait and liquids.

If the professionals start working, you will notice that they will inject gallons of termiticide on the foundations of your walls, under slabs, and into the ground along your foundation. This explains the need of knowledge on building constructions and this treatment is under the category liquid. The reason in doing this is to create barrier so that termites would not invade you property. However, this does not actually termites but termites would dies once they try to wriggle into the treated soil.

The bait category on the other hand, as it name indicates uses baits. They put a lethal solution underground and place a food with that solution. Once the food I brought to the rest of the termites, those termites will slowly and eventually die.