Termites are usually very destructive because they eat through structures within a short time. As a result, the structures attacked by termites become weak and may even pose danger since they can collapse. This is the primary reason why people in Brisbane use different methods to deter termites from attacking various structures. Amongst the most common methods used to keep termites away is using termite barriers Brisbane. These barriers protect different structures from being attacked by termites either by eliminating them or denying them the opportunity to attack the structures.

There are different types of barriers used to protect structures from termites in Brisbane. Some of the common types of barriers include the chemical barriers. These barriers use chemicals which are known to either kill or repel termites. Amongst the common chemicals used include boric acid which has properties that are toxic enough just to kill the termites without causing any harm on the soil. When the termites ingest these chemicals the toxin is spread to the entire colony. While using chemical barriers one can also use baits so as to attract the termites and therefore make their elimination faster. It is also paramount to ensure that the chemicals used do not harm the soil or the plants nearby. One can even hire a professionals company that has the necessary knowledge and understanding about chemical termite barriers. The company will apply the suitable chemicals around structures so as to repel and kill termites.

Other types of barriers

There are also other types of barriers to keep termites away which do not use chemicals. These include physical barriers which involves using metal shields and stainless steel wire mesh so as to keep the termites away. People in Brisbane also use sand as an effective physical barrier for termites since termites cannot tunnel through sand. Desiccating dusts are also commonly used in this area since they eliminate moisture from the soil consequently making survival for the termites impossible. These physical barriers require to be used all around structures so as to ensure the termites do not get a place to penetrate through.


While deciding which type of barrier to use so as to keep termites away it is always paramount to consider various factors. One of the important factors that should be considered is the area in which the barriers are to be used. This is because some barriers are more ideal to be used in small areas while others require being used in relatively large areas. Using physical barriers on relatively large areas can be time consuming and also use a lot of resources. One can consult a professional company which has a good understanding on the most suitable type of barrier to use. Therefore, people in Brisbane use different types of termite barriers to protect their buildings from termites.